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Strong ties between K-12 and higher ed make a stronger economy for Nevada


This opinion column was submitted by Lisa Cano Burkhead is a former longtime Nevada public school educator and administrator and the lieutenant governor of Nevada; and Brian Sandoval, a former two-term governor of Nevada and current president of the University of Nevada, Reno. As Nevada builds back a stronger, more diversified economy in the recovery from the pandemic, our institutions of higher education have a critical role to play in preparing our workforce for the jobs and opportunities of tomorrow. As a lifelong educator and lieutenant governor, and a university president, we believe that education is economic development.

Education has the power to turn a student’s hopes and dreams into reality. When done collaboratively, and with a long-term plan that is fortified with needs and desired outcomes that Nevada students deserve, we have a chance to make higher education both more accessible, as well as an economic and workforce driver for our state.

To start, establishing the strongest links possible between our K-12 system and Nevada’s colleges and universities are a must. This is necessary not only for workforce development, but also to ensure that all students know that the most determinative factor in whether they can attain a higher education […]

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