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Student Startup Remedy Addresses Healthcare for Unhoused


USC students gain funding for products that support portable medicine storage

Remedy Team Members (from left to right): Rohan Jeni Varghese, Hannah Lee, Isha Sanghvi, Vivianna Camarillo, Jake Futterman, Ashwan Kadam. (NOTE: Team members not in this photo are Nicole Tamarov (USC), William King (Duke), Yuanyang Lu (UCSD)). PHOTO/HANNAH LEE. In USC Viterbi School of Engineering course CEE 486, students, who have been tasked with creating engineering solutions to community problems, are repeatedly told, “live a day in the life of the user you’re developing a product for.” For Hannah Lee and her collaborators, that meant hours of extensive research interviewing healthcare providers, physicians, and end-users for their envisioned innovation: portable prescription medicine storage for the unhoused via a soft, flexible pouch that can be worn comfortably on your person.

Interviews and surveys with medical professionals, including with Keck School of Medicine of USC Director of Street Medicine Brett Feldman, pointed repeatedly to a lack of consistency in the healthcare of individuals living transiently.

Said Lee, a human biology major at USC, “When we spoke to Dr. Feldman, he shared that first of all, he can’t find the patients sometimes, but at the same time, they aren’t getting regular treatment […]

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