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Students sues university after women’s golf coach allegedly outed her to the entire team


Queens University, golf coach, outing, lesbian student, lawsuit An unnamed female former student of Queens University has sued the private Charlotte, North Carolina school, alleging that its women’s golf coach outed her as a lesbian, causing her to experience humiliation, sexual harassment, and depression.

In her lawsuit, the student said she was a member of the university’s women’s golf team who hadn’t come out yet in 2018, when the team’s coach allegedly began asking the team’s members and athletic staff about her sexuality, telling them that the plaintiff was gay.

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The plaintiff said that the coach began “stalking” her partner’s social media and outed her to the school’s athletic director, according to WSOC-TV . After being outed, the student was allegedly humiliated and excluded by her team members. As a result, she fell into depression and insomnia, causing her grades to drop and her scholarships to be revoked, the lawsuit states.

When the student complained to the school’s Title IX office — the office charged with ensuring the equal treatment of students, regardless of gender — it ruled that the golf team’s coaching staff hadn’t violated any […]

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