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Study Outlines Ways to Improve Economic Equity in Indy

Chris Holcomb is a program analyst at the IU Public Policy Institute. (photo courtesy of IU) INDIANAPOLIS – A new report from the Center for Research on Inclusion and Social Policy at the IU Public Policy Institute aims to provide a road map for economic growth in Indianapolis. The research, born out of a partnership between the Indy Chamber and the Brookings Institution, centers on developing strategies that focus on broadening economic equity and inclusion. Chris Holcomb, a program analyst at the PPI, says the report includes recommendations that the city can use to rectify environmental and economic disparities.

In an interview with Inside INdiana Business, Holcomb said previous research shows traditional metrics of economic prosperity aren’t enough.

“There’s also other aspects that matter for how much people are able to participate [in the economy] and so things like wealth and asset poverty are really important. Neighborhood-level factors are really important and access to public services as well,” said Holcomb. “That’s kind of how we constructed our framework is combining all of those factors so we can get more of a comprehensive view that’s true to how people experience economic prosperity in their lives.”

Holcomb says analysts looked at a variety of […]

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