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Sunjay Letchuman’s Hope For Healthcare

Texas A&M University senior Sunjay Letchuman. The first semester of his freshman year, Sunjay Letchuman ’22 was volunteering in the emergency room of CHI St. Joseph Hospital in Bryan when a mother came in with abdominal pain.

While taking her vital signs, Letchuman realized the patient and her family members spoke little English – he also sensed that they were on edge. In an effort to make them more comfortable, Letchuman used his basic Spanish skills to ask what made them nervous about being in the ER.

They told him that not only were they worried about what was ailing their mother, they were also anxious about the cost of the visit. On top of that, they also feared that the language barrier would affect the quality of care she would be provided.

Letchuman said their answers were indicative of the troubles that millions of Americans face in the U.S. healthcare system. “Medicine is so much more than what you can do clinically,” he said.

Now a senior at Texas A&M University, Letchuman said this interaction was one of several moments that spurred his interest in health policy.

By the time he arrived in College Station as a freshman, Letchuman had already shadowed the […]

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