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‘Technological Doping’: A Threat To Equity In Sports

“ Equality is giving everyone a shoe; Equity is giving everyone a shoe that fits” -Naheed Dosani

Athletes thrive on success and are often willing to go an extra mile to achieve on-field success.

The influx of technological advancements in our daily life has naturally found its way onto the sports field and this has resulted in a race to look for the best sports equipment/gears and technology hence shifting the focus from physiological ability.

This article focuses on issues related to the usage of performance enhancement technology in sports and the negative effect that it has had on the integrity of sports.


A sport remains competitive and fair as long as there exists a level playing field in all aspects of the sport. Track & Field has by far maintained equity among athletes.

Further, the World Athletics, in association with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), has kept a strict vigilance on the conventional doping and performance enhancement techniques to a great extent.

Most of the sports, which have preset measurements for the equipment and athletic gears used in the games, leave comparatively less or no room for any kind of experiment, however, certain sports which have […]

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