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Telehealth Averted Healthcare Collapse During COVID – Will Inertia Kill Further Adoption?


Dr. Haim Amir, CEO and Founder of Essence Group Major, deep-rooted problems in the healthcare system were brought into sharp focus by the COVID-19 pandemic . Healthcare organizations in many regions – already stretched to near-full capacity before the pandemic – have been pushed to the brink of collapse. While they scrambled to respond, they began to lean heavily into the nascent tools and techniques of telehealth to keep the public safe. This shift has been corroborated by a recent Parks Association study identified significant increase in the use of telehealth across all demographic groups:

“For instance, just 6% of those ages 65 and older had used a telehealth service in 2019 vs 29% in 2020. Similarly, just 6% of those who are most resistant to new technology…had tried telehealth in 2019, versus 24% today. This increase across demographic groups illustrates the movement of telehealth from an emerging technology service to a solution delivering care to the mass market.”

This is perhaps one of the biggest surprises of the pandemic – patients responded positively to their health needs being managed through technology. This has led to further speculation as to how it might be used to fix additional challenges […]

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