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Telling a New Story About the Economy: Building From the Bottom Up


T his article is part of our weekly series— Narratives to Build Collective Economic Power —which NPQ is publishing in partnership with the national racial and economic justice nonprofit Common Future . In this series, the authors write about their economic justice work and how, in their work, they challenge conventional narratives and offer new ways of thinking about who can be owners in the economy and what community economic development means.

It has often been said that “ what we give our attention to grows .” For too long, we have given our attention to the tech titans of our economy. You know who I mean. I come from California, and the amount of attention conferred upon Silicon Valley firms—such as Apple, Facebook, and Google—has reached extreme levels. We give these firms our attention—and they grow. But what if we turned our attention elsewhere? What if we built our economy around people like us who have grown up in our own communities? A Crisis Leads to a Career Change

I wish I could say that I had this all figured out after college. I did not. A decade ago, after completing a master’s degree in urban planning, […]

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