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Tennessee is trying to sneak a ban on important gender-affirming care for trans youth into law

Tennessee has been leading the nation in passing and enacting anti-trans legislation all of 2021. They’ve already enacted a ban on trans youth in sports and several anti-trans bills have passed the General Assembly, with some pending action on the governor’s desk.

Now, they’re trying to enact an anti-trans measure while bypassing the bill-making process, where they would have to rehash the issues over and over. The state legislature has approved an amendment to a bill, which is itself amending a different bill, to make it law to claim “Standard medical practice does not involve prescribing hormone treatment.”

The original purpose of Tennessee Senate Bill 126 and House Bill 1027 was to amend “the training required in medication administration” for medically-trained staff caring or supervising children across the state. The bill had two sections that were one section each , and simply increased the hours of training required from six to seven.

Then, once the bill was in the House Health subcommittee and the Senate Health & Welfare committee, the bill’s sponsors added amendments to their proposals, at the same time. Both amendments erased every section of the bills and replaced them with a proposal to exclude “hormone treatment” from healthcare treatment […]

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