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Tennessee’s recently passed truth in sentencing law centers around politics, not prevention


Headlines of violent crime strike fear in the hearts of Tennesseans. Our leaders have a duty to combat the scourge of violence with strong leadership aimed at crime prevention, not political posturing. It is through prevention that success is measured — by victims never created, prison beds vacant for want of occupants, and billions of dollars not spent on revolving prison doors.

Investment in law enforcement is critical to prevention. Attempts to defund law enforcement amount to public safety being sacrificed on the altar of political agendas and must be rebuffed.

Gov. Bill Lee understood this assignment. While law enforcement was being vilified in parts of the country, Governor Lee used his State of the State address to invite them to Tennessee. Moreover, he called for the legislature to allocate “$150 million directly into law enforcement agencies to create safer neighborhoods through the violent crime intervention grant fund.”

Unfortunately, the Tennessee legislature was less inclined toward the prevention model.

In fact, near the close of session, the Tennessee House Ways and Means Subcommittee moved to completely defund Governor Lee’s law enforcement funding for violent crime intervention. Luckily, reason prevailed and $100 million of the funding was restored. Why the accommodation model doesn’t work


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