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The 5 Most Comfortable Airlines for Flying Economy


Image source: Getty Images From legroom to in-flight entertainment, these airlines will keep you satisfied on a budget.

Flying economy is a great way to travel while keeping your personal finances under control, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice all your comfort to do so.

These days, it might feel like every airline is getting rid of leg room and in-flight amenities for passengers who aren’t willing to shell out the big bucks, but there are still a few good ones left. With the right airline, you won’t have to deal with your knees getting crushed by the seat in front of you.

We looked at economy seat dimensions, pitch (legroom), and in-flight amenities on the most common airplanes used by every major airline. The seat dimensions listed don’t include all of the planes flown by each airline — instead, we counted only those planes that economy passengers are most likely to fly on. Based on that data, here are the five best airlines for flying economy.

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