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The abortion debate is a textbook example of American political polarization. Can we get past it?


Last week Chief Justice John Roberts found himself in an unprecedented situation when, for the first time, he was forced to publicly authenticate a leaked document of a potential United States Supreme Court decision. If enacted, the leaked opinion would effectively reduce the status of legal abortion from a woman’s constitutionally protected right to merely an option which states can individually choose to either adopt or outlaw.

It’s no small feat that in America, where politics is one continuous drama featuring no shortage of controversial issues, the question of whether a woman will be allowed to choose whether she will become a mother has once again surfaced as the largest single-issue on which some people will choose political candidates and parties. Even more intriguing is thefact that highly-charged discussions on such topics have been proven to divide families, eliminate friendships, and even decrease the effectiveness of political officials to work together across the aisle to pass policy.

This concept is known as political polarization – a textbook example of how deeply held and deeply “felt” beliefs formed around highly political and usually partisan ideals will cause individuals to seek out others to mobilize groups to advance said beliefs. Merriam Webster defines […]

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