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The Atlanta shooting shows how racism, misogyny & homophobia are connected


New York, NY – February 20, 2021: More than 200 people gathered on Washington Square Park to rally in support Aisian community, against hate crime and white nationalism Photo: Shutterstock The latest episode of the LGBTQ Nation podcast has arrived and it’s time for real talk.

This week the LGBTQ Nation podcast takes a closer look at anti-Asian racism and its connection to homophobia and transphobia. Host Alex Berg talks to Alice Y. Hom, the co-editor of Q&A: Voices from Queer Asian North America about the Atlanta shooting that left eight people dead.

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LGBTQ Nation Managing Editor Alex Bollinger also joins the podcast to chat about Sen. Lindsey Graham’s fierce opposition to the Equality Act, Arkansas’s terrifying bill to allow doctors to refuse LGBTQ patients, and why lesbians and bi women make great couples.

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