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The Best Men’s Hiking and Adventure Shoes and Boots for 2022


Long gone are the days of strapping on a pair of rigid leather boots before a hike. Today’s hiking footwear makes use of scientifically researched soles, modern fabric technology and endless fine-tuning to make them comfortable, waterproof and stable enough to handle the most rugged terrain. But these new materials and varying designs bring an array of options, with innumerable brands promising you the best experience . That can make it particularly challenging to figure out which will be the best for you.

Thankfully, I’ve put together my picks for the best adventure and hiking footwear. Each product in this list has been hand-selected and tested to ensure that they perform as well as they’re supposed to, whether you’re heading into the wilderness to go backpacking or simply schlepping around town. If they didn’t impress, they didn’t make the list.

Note that this list focuses on men’s hiking shoe models. You can also check out our list of women’s hiking boots and shoes , which includes some of the same brands here, plus a couple of women’s-only hiking shoes. Note that all the hiking boots shown here were tested in men’s models except where noted.

The deep padding of the footbed and […]

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