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The Best Places to Live in the U.S. if You’re Concerned About Climate Change


Which places are most resilient to climate change?

There may be no place a person can go to avoid the effects of a changing global climate, but some places are better located and prepared for record-breaking temperatures, rising sea levels and worsening natural disasters than others. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency established the Climate Resilience Screening Index to measure a place’s ability to withstand and recover from meteorological events and natural disasters, and the most recent report was published in August 2020. The EPA calculated CRSI scores for every county in the U.S. by rating each community for resilience based on five categories: risk, governance, society, built environment and natural environment. To determine which of the 150 metro areas on the U.S. News Best Places to Live ranking are the most resilient based on the EPA data (excluding San Juan, Puerto Rico ), we averaged the scores of all counties that make up the given metro areas. Read on to discover which places to consider living in if you’re worried about climate change.

20. Richmond, Virginia

Best Places 2021-2022 Rank: 50
Metro Population: 1,269,530
Median Home Price: $348,232
Average Annual Salary: $52,620
CRSI Score: 4.98Richmond is at a […]

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