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The Bloomberg New Economy Catalyst List


The 28 people moving the world toward a more equitable, sustainable future.

Some founders possess the capacity and drive to do exceptional things. Bloomberg New Economy’s 2022 class of Catalysts is a remarkable group of 28 people who are creating more equitable, inclusive, and sustainable outcomes. The legacy of our old economy is a world imperiled by climate transformation, with communities exhausting their finite resources and riven by divides in wealth, education, and quality of life. These pioneers in the new economy Helping low-income households use on-time rent payments to build credit Rent is often the largest household expense , especially among the poor. But for more than 90% of American tenants, monthly rent payments aren’t factored into credit scores—which makes it hard for renters to ever buy a home even if they pay on time month after month. Esusu bridges this gap by reporting rent payments to the three major credit bureaus— Equifax , TransUnion , and Experian —helping renters establish and improve their credit profiles. Founded by Wemimo Abbey, who immigrated to the U.S. from Nigeria at age 17, Esusu covers 2.5 million properties and works with more than a third of the country’s largest landlords. In November […]

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