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The Boys’ Political Satire Is Meant To Offend, That’s The Whole Point


The Boys isn’t subtle. Amazon’s hit superhero adaptation has been taking shots at the entire political spectrum since its debut, happy to poke fun at the cynical exploitation of rainbow capitalism, America’s toxic gun culture, and the rise of dangerous rhetoric in the current social landscape. It’s both a parody of the genre and a blunt dissection of our own world.

I’ve always thought it wore such intentions on its sleeve, with the majority of episodes filled with obvious jokes or themes with a clear political message. Stormfront’s entire character was based on real examples of alt-right messaging from the past few years as she uses a passionate yet bigoted rhetoric to attract a mass of supporters who want the world to be a very white, very singular, and very violent place.

This is done without ever using the labels that would see them compared to bonafide Nazis, despite the fact she actually is one. That’s the point, in real life those waltzing into schools with assault rifles or threatening minorities are inspired by an ideology that directly descends from that mindset, and we shouldn’t be afraid of calling these people out for who they are. The Boys sure as hell […]

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