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The creator economy: How we arrived there and why we need its Web3 upgrade


Does the term “creator economy” make you think of some idealistic environment where creativity, authenticity and passion are key values? Where true Michelangelos and da Vincis drive progress through their talents without struggling for food and proving themselves all their lives to get a chance to be recognized posthumously? If so, I’m with you.

Though creativity has existed as long as humanity, we started to discuss it as the new economic paradigm not so long ago. What’s more, now we even talk about it in the Web3 dimension. To better understand what it is, first, let’s walk through the backstory of the creator economy. How did we actually arrive here? Often, looking back at the past is a great way to get real insights into what is happening today. It won’t make you yawn, I promise. The backstory of the creator economy

The transition to the creator economy has been long-incoming and uneven. Now let’s explore the major economic and social development shifts that eventually brought us there. 1. From the agrarian to the industrial economy

In the mid-18th century, we got the Industrial Revolution that led to the jump from agriculture to manufacturing. That was when the industrial economy […]

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