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The crucial role that diagnostics play in the healthcare ecosystem


It’s difficult to understate the importance of in vitro diagnostics (IVD) in the healthcare ecosystem.

Reportedly, 70 per cent of all healthcare decisions are based on the outcome of the sound diagnostic results. Yet, diagnostics account for only 2 per cent of global healthcare funding.

With the aim to shine a spotlight on diagnostics, Roche Diagnostics became the first in vitro diagnostics company to establish its regional headquarters in the Middle East.

“Roche Diagnostics Middle East is a cluster of 16 different countries. We have the management centre in the UAE. We have 500 employees who want to make a difference to the quality of life of patients,” says Guido Sander, general manager of Roche Diagnostics Middle East.

A robust diagnostics outcome enables healthcare professionals to detect the risk of disease, predict how it may progress and enable the right treatment decision to be made at the earliest. “Diagnostics plays a fundamental role whether it’s early on in the process where we’re talking about screening of potential risk groups, or later on in the process when we’re talking about treatments and monitoring,” notes Sander. He says that the pandemic has only reiterated the role of diagnostics in healthcare. “The pandemic has shown us […]

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