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The Czech elections were a huge win for democracy but a loss for LGBTQ equality


AUGUST 17, 2019: People attending the very first Gay Pride parade in the moravian city of Ostrava, Czech Republic. Photo: Shutterstock On Saturday, Czechs went to the polls in a dramatically close race and chose “democratic opposition” over the currently ruling populist billionaire Prime Minister, Andrej Babis. While many celebrate this as a victory for democracy in the Czech Republic (Czechia), it is bittersweet for the LGBTQ community fearing the most conservative Parliament in the history of our country.

There are many reasons to celebrate, Babis has lost a majority, the nationalist ultra-right party (SPD) has lost two seats, the Communist Party has for the first time not managed to get into the Parliament and we will likely have a pro-European Union (EU), pro-NATO government. However, the cost of it all is the progress and possible regression in the rights of queer persons.

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As it stands, Czechia is the 7th worst when it comes to LGBTQ legislation in the EU. We do not have marriage equality, there are no hate crime laws protecting our often targeted community and our country continues to forcibly sterilize trans […]

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