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The digital higher education expectation gap and universities


The digital higher education expectation gap is larger than most would think, so we look at what it means for universities and the student’s digital experiences

With the TikTok student generation immersed in a digital bubble filled with slick streaming services, online retail services and gratifying social media platforms, it’s no wonder that they expect high-quality and personalised digital experiences in all areas of life, including in their education.

Being able to book library computers easily, check changing timetables quickly, access lecture notes online, interact with other students (whether that’s via an online chat forum or a society website page) and schedule video calls with university support staff, are all now expected from a university’s digital experience . These all require quality well-designed user experience-informed interfaces to function well and benefit students.

Yet most universities are still not offering what students would regard as “state of the art” digital experiences, even after more than two years of online learning that was turbo-charged due to COVID. A one-size-fits-all approach – that hasn’t been working for a long time – has fragmented the student body further still post-pandemic.

Great State’s latest research, The Higher Education Digital Experience Report 2022 – which includes findings from […]

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