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The economy is doomed and guess what? It’s all Apple’s fault


You selfish people. Did you realize that every time you deny a company access to your personal information you are contributing to a global financial disaster of epic proportions?

In a thread on Twitter , Alex Gurevich, managing director at a venture capital firm, says Apple’s privacy changes in iOS 14 are RUINING EVERYTHING! (Tip o’ the antlers to Tay .) 1) I’m still surprised by the lack of public discourse around the impacts of @apple’s iOS 14 changes – all in the name of privacy… What even is “privacy” anyway?! Privacy is just the little bit of your information that we haven’t monetized yet! … – that are leading to massive adverse effects to SMBs and innovative companies everywhere. “Innovative” here is shorthand for “New ways to get your social security number, blood type and the weight of your kidneys for when we are later able to extract them from your body for sale.” They might bear as much blame for a recession as inflation. Wow! That’s quite an accusation. But if you don’t think Apple is the villain here, Gurevich says just check out this research from, uh, Meta. @Meta did some analysis here… Oh, are we just […]

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