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The Emotional Impact of Novel Coronavirus on Healthcare Workers: A Cross-Sectional Study




Healthcare workers (HCWs) are the foundation of the response to a pandemic. Also termed as frontline workers, not only are they at a health risk but also suffer from emotional and psychological stress. Objective

The objective of the study was to determine the emotional impact of novel coronavirus on healthcare workers. Methodology

An online survey was completed by 239 HCWs from five different countries during the peak of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak amidst the lockdown. Their feelings and concerns as well as the safety measures they adopted were identified. Results

The response rate was 100%. Most of the respondents were 20-40 years old (85.36%) and working as doctors (73.22%); 44.77% were working at middle grade. The majority felt confused (19.67%), whereas others felt stressed/overworked (17.15%), unhappy (16.74%), scared (13.81%), nervous (13.39%), motivated (8.79%), and privileged (5.86%). A few felt pressurized to perform their duty (4.6%), and 69.87% felt that it was their moral obligation to continue their duty, whereas 13.39% felt administrative pressure for the same. Of the respondents, 53.97% feared transferring the disease to their family and friends, while others feared the lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) (13.39%). According to the majority of […]

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