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The era of the political and ethical customer

Capgemini Invent considers the political and ethical principles preferred by consumers Emotion has always been an important variable of a customer’s purchase decision equation. However, today’s fashionable new entrants also include ethics and politics.

Emotional capital not only includes the aesthetical value of a good, or its simple social statement, but the associated political and ethical message that the good and its purchase carry. The latest H&M and Nike boycott in China following the Uighur scandal shows the complex connection between ethics, politics and business.

There are three key behavioral trends that we are observing among customers that demonstrate that ethics and politics drive purchase decisions more than ever. It is important to understand these trends to build a brand that successfully engages and attracts a loyal customer base, driven by ethical and political values. 1) The era of ‘Made in X’

Let us start with an anecdote. A French couple in their 50s were considering the purchase of a robotic vacuum cleaner. When instructing the salesman on their preferences, they insisted on their price sensitivity and on the product’s top performance. They, however, picked a less performant and more expensive €100 French robot v a Chinese counterpart. The ‘Made […]

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