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The Evolution of Clinical Decision Support in Healthcare


The rising complexities of chronic disease management and the accelerated growth of healthcare’s big data present a challenge—and an opportunity.

Although more and more clinical data is available in routine care, that data isn’t applied to its full potential. Leveraging that body of data in a format that ensures connectedness across patient-care delivery contributes to the need for adopting clinical decision support (CDS).

The objective of CDS is to improve healthcare delivery through the enhancement of medical decisions based on clinical knowledge, patient data, and other related health information.

Diagnosis, Treatment, and Follow-Up
Incorporated into clinical routine, CDS can help clinicians navigate the often complex web of decision-making, creating opportunities to optimize the patient journey along a care pathway. While empowering patients by putting them at the center of decision making about their care, CDS gives physicians more confidence in adopting and using digital applications to enhance patient treatment while maintaining standards of care. Health care leaders are better positioned to run health systems where interoperability and integration of data ensures improved quality and patient experience.

This doesn’t mean that CDS applications are designed to replace clinician judgment. Rather, CDS supports decision makers during diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of patients for […]

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