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The Exodus of American Healthcare Workers, and What Comes Next


More and more American healthcare workers are transitioning to private practice and telehealth.

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It goes without saying that the current global health crisis has had an astronomic impact on American healthcare workers. The internet has been inundated with articles and personal testimonies discussing burnout and the massive amount of stress healthcare workers have been under – but the issues these workers are facing aren’t altogether new. In a 2021 study of physicians, 79% of respondents reported that their “burnout” had begun even before the crisis began.

Whether from low wages, long hours, lack of salaried advancement opportunity, or a pre-existing shortage of workers putting strain on individuals – those stressors have now become amplified, contributing further to a vicious cycle. A recent survey showed that 18% of healthcare workers have quit their jobs since mid-February 2021, with an additional 12% laid off in that same time. Of those healthcare workers who stayed, 19% reported that they had considered leaving the healthcare profession altogether, and 12% considered leaving for another role in the industry.

This vicious cycle the healthcare industry faces is one that propagates into more individuals burnt out and leaving, feeding back into the […]

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