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The for-profit college system is broken and the Biden administration needs to fix it


For-profit colleges have a long history of engaging in manipulative behavior to preserve the flow of Title IV funds to their schools while providing their students a poor education.

After the quadrupling of undergraduate enrollment in for-profit colleges from 2000 to 2010, Obama-era regulations led to the closure of some high-profile schools and a slight decline in enrollment overall. Now, four years of Trump administration deregulation along with the COVID-19 recession have created a “perfect storm for the resurgence of the for-profit sector”.

The incoming Biden administration must prioritize regulating for-profits in order to protect students and taxpayer dollars. Ariel Gelrud Shiro For-Profits are more expensive and less effective

There is an immense amount of evidence that for-profit colleges yield higher debts and poorer labor market outcomes for students when compared to other forms of postsecondary education. For-profit colleges only enroll 10 percent of students but they account for half of all student-loan defaults.

71% of students in for-profit colleges borrow federal loans, as compared to only 49% of students in 4-year public schools. The average amount borrowed by students in for-profit colleges is nearly $2,000 higher than the amount borrowed in 4-year public schools.

These differences […]

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