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The Future Of AI In Post-Covid Healthcare


Kira Radinsky, co-founder and Chairman of Diagnostic Robotics , wants to make healthcare more affordable and accessible. The lessons learned from initial deployments of the startup’s AI-based digital triage platform in Israel and the U.S. and the valuable experience gained during the Covid pandemic, point to a future of better healthcare: Providing the right treatment at the right time in the most appropriate setting. Kira Radinsky, founder and Chairman, Diagnostic Robotics At the Mayo Clinic, Diagnostic Robotics’ triage platform suggests possible diagnoses and provides a risk score for each patient based on their answers to questions regarding their medical conditions. The Mayo Clinic’s Dr. John Halamka calls it “Waze for healthcare,” stressing its use as a navigation system, matching patients with the right healthcare resource at the hospital’s emergency room or even before they arrive there.

The State of Rhode Island has used Diagnostic Robotics’ platform to help manage its response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Answering questions on a Web-based questionnaire, users can make decisions about when to seek care and testing, connecting them to local information and resources. “Diagnostic Robotics is a leader in using innovative technology to ensure people get the right care at the right time – […]

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