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The future of democracy hinges on these eight midterm races


Insurrectionists loyal to President Donald Trump storm the US Capitol Photo: Shutterstock The 2022 elections are six months away, but it’s already clear that the stakes couldn’t be higher. It’s not just a question of Republicans taking control of Congress; it’s the erosion of democracy that is likely to accompany it.

Most of the current crop of GOP candidates are tripping all over themselves to worship at Trump’s altar of lies about the election. Even those that don’t are gladly piling onto the party’s increasingly authoritarian impulses.

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While every race is important, some stand out. Here are eight in particular where democracy itself can be said to be on the ballot. U.S. Senate race in Ohio

J.D. Vance pulled ahead in the Republican primary at the last minute thanks to a $3.5 million donation from his mentor, gay billionaire Peter Thiel, and an endorsement from Donald Trump, who Vance once compared to Hitler. The Hillbilly Elegy author has since gone full MAGA, calling for civil servants to be fired and replaced with Trump loyalists and seizing the assets of companies who are too woke. […]

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