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The Future Of Healthcare Personalization

* getty Over the past year, the healthcare industry has seen tremendous growth and innovation. And it’s only just beginning.

Going forward, how healthcare operates internally and how customers interact with their care providers will be radically different, creating a more customer-centric and convenient approach.

At the heart of that change is personalization.

The days of customers filing in one after another are on their way out, replaced by a new approach that uses technology to create personalized experiences for each patient.

Here are four pillars for the future of healthcare personalization:

1 . Abundance of Data Solid personalization efforts are rooted in quality data. Over a lifetime, each person generates the equivalent of more than 300 million books of personal and health-related data that could unlock valuable insights into their health and wellbeing. As more devices and data become available and accessible, the abundance of data will continue to grow with metrics from wearables, apps and digital devices. Advancing technology allows clinics and providers to then use AI and machine learning to analyze data and paint a better picture of each patient, including their needs and risks.The growth of data is inextricably linked to the growth of telehealth. Telehealth has exploded during […]

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