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The Gig Economy: flexible freedom or wage slavery?

If you’ve ever used an app to order a late-night food delivery or to book a plumber then you’ve most likely tapped into the platform economy. It’s one of the most important new transformations in the world of work. And right now the big debate in Europe is over working conditions.

Digital platform work, also known as the gig economy, has increased five-fold in the last decade.

It is where individuals provide specific services organised through a digital platform that connects them with clients.

This can be a location-based app – allocating jobs such as food delivery, taxi or plumbing services, or web-based platforms – outsourcing work like translation or graphic design.

The platforms are creating new job opportunities. However, there are challenges to ensure good working conditions and that the algorithms treat workers fairly. Platform Working: to regulate or not to regulate?

This new model of platform working has left governments unsure how to regulate it. Spain is the first EU country to pass a law classing food delivery riders as employees with social protections.Fanny Gauret went to meet some food delivery riders in Barcelona to get their views.Fanny met two young delivery men who know the streets of Barcelona by heart, […]

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