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The Higher Education Industry Is Embracing Predatory and Discriminatory Student Data Practices


In December, the University of Texas at Austin’s computer science department announced that it would stop using a machine-learning system to evaluate applicants for its Ph.D. program due to concerns that encoded bias may exacerbate existing inequities in the program and in the field in general.

This move toward more inclusive admissions practices is a rare (and welcome) exception to a worrying trend in education: Colleges , standardized test providers, consulting companies , and other educational service providers are increasingly adopting predatory, discriminatory, and outright exclusionary student data practices.

Student data has long been used as a college recruiting and admissions tool.

In 1972, College Board, the company that owns the PSAT, the SAT, and the AP Exams, created its Student Search Service and began licensing student names and data profiles to colleges (hence the college catalogs that fill the mail boxes of high school students who have taken the exams).

Today, College Board licenses millions of student data profiles every year for 47 cents per examinee.

The data is collected through a Student Data Questionnaire that is administered when a student registers to take one of the College Board exams.

ACT Inc., College Board’s main competitor, also […]

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