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The Home Hospital- The Future of Healthcare is Rapidly Approaching


Building a New Model

Throughout the current Pandemic, the healthcare and telecom industries partnered to deliver new virtual health care delivery modalities that fundamentally changed the business of healthcare operations in terms of patient experience, operational efficiencies, and clinical effectiveness. Growing availability of Consumer Digital Health capabilities in Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) coupled with Provider initiatives in primary care re-design and Payer wellness services (i.e., nutrition, diet, and behavioral health incentivization) are paving the way for new opportunities to deliver virtual health including the hospital at home. Answering the Call: Partnering

Two of the biggest challenges facing the healthcare sector in the U.S. are escalating costs of care and growing complexity of care. Despite the early promises of greater efficiencies through investments in electronic health records (EHRs), the industry continues to experience increasing variable costs due to a variety of business and technical factors. When combined with more sophisticated diagnostic and treatment options, hospital leadership are exploring alternative innovations, recognizing that the provincial nature of centralizing healthcare services in a facility setting is not sustainable. This is precisely where the telecom and entertainment industries can partner with healthcare to answer this call to action. What’s the Opportunity?

In-patient care […]

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