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The human cost of climate change

Alberta has more at stake than its environment and economy.

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In considering the practical implications of climate change—its existential threat, its massive disruption—we tend to focus almost exclusively on two aspects: environmental and economic.

This is understandable. The environment is, of course, the stage on which climate change plays out, as well as its first casualty. Economics, meanwhile, is a fundamental component of society, and a particular obsession of a capitalist one: climate skeptics often clamour about the economic disruption that environmental policies may cause, forcing supporters of those policies to fight on those terms. Saving the planet isn’t enough—we have to turn a profit while doing it.

Often forgotten in the public discourse, though, are the human costs of a warming global climate, which can displace people from their homes, their emotional well-being, or their culture. From a possible influx of people fleeing newly unlivable parts of the world, to the mental health aspects linked to the loss of […]

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