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The Impact of Climate Change on Brain Health

Climate change will inevitably have dramatic consequences on all aspects of our lives ranging from altered climate having an impact on flooding and drought, but also changes in air/ water/soil quality & pollution, changes in ecology, and altered food production. These together will have negative consequences on our health including our brain health. Climate Change Climate Change. Image Credit: kwest/ Heat and the Brain: Dementia, Stroke, Migraine & Seizures

Heat exposure can lead to hyperthermia and heat stroke in extreme cases which can be fatal. As global temperatures continue to rise, the incidence of hyperthermia and heat stroke will also inevitably increase. Hyperthermia, as well as climate change-related atmospheric changes, are associated with an increased prevalence of migraines, seizures, stroke, and some forms of dementia including Alzheimer’s disease. Here, a brief overview of some of the proposed mechanisms that may increase the risk of such disorders in response to elevated temperature will be discussed,

Proposed mechanisms underlying heat and brain pathophysiology may be attributed to a variety of aberrant cellular processes occurring within the brain. Firstly, heat exposure can induce oxidative stress as well as Tau pathology in mice – key components of neurodegeneration in dementia. Furthermore, neuronal cells exposed […]

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