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The impact of TCP/IP vulnerabilities in healthcare devices

Forescout Research Labs found and disclosed several critical vulnerabilities on TCP/IP stacks that affect hundreds of millions of IT, OT, IoT and IoMT devices: AMNESIA:33 , NUMBER:JACK and NAME:WRECK . This research – collectively called Project Memoria – has the mission to uncover threats arising from this new class of vulnerabilities and to support the community in addressing them.

During this process, we discovered that healthcare organizations are at greater risk than other organizations due to the complexity of the networks, the range of devices used in Healthcare Delivery organizations (HDO’s) and breadth of manufacturer and type. The always-on use of many devices within a hospital or healthcare environment has led to an increased security exposure for many.

By analyzing data from the Forescout Device Cloud, anonymized information from approximately 13 million devices from more than 1,800 global customers, and combining this with Project Memoria vulnerabilities found, we are releasing a new healthcare research report to draw attention to the underlying risks with the HDO’s network and urging them to act.

Key findings: 75% of healthcare organizations are affected by the TCP/IP vulnerabilities we have uncovered. These have on average per organization, the highest number of vulnerable devices (almost 500), the […]

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