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The internet of things can’t save us from climate change


I was born in Texas and lived there for 40 years before moving to Washington State 18 months ago. And so I’ve been watching the misery unfold there this week by way of texts from my family and friends as well as on social media.

I’ve also been watching as people try desperately to figure out what happened, to understand why the Texas grid was utterly incapable of dealing with the frigid temperatures.

And because it’s what I write about every day, I’ve also been wondering if the internet of things could have helped prevent this crisis. Could sensors on natural gas stations or refining operations have prevented them from freezing? Could predictive maintenance algorithms have anticipated the troubles that took generators offline?

Empty shelves at an Austin grocery store Thursday. Image courtesy of Bjorn Billhardt. I’m still waiting on answers to those questions, but I do know this: Once Mother Nature comes roaring through in the form of a hurricane, ice storm, heatwave, or tornado, technology cannot save us.

In the middle of the crisis, it’s too late to hope that technology can change much less ameliorate the situation. You may have a Tesla Powerwall on the side of […]

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