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The internet thinks the star of an anti-LGBTQ group’s new ad is a gay man


The dad who barely lifts a finger to co-parent with his wife says that trans kids are the real threat to cis children. Photo: Screenshot Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) and other top GOP politicians are standing up for an anti-LGBTQ organization after YouTube flagged one of their videos and temporarily suspended their account.

The very heterosexual video features an unquestionably straight man calling his wife “hot stuff” to show just how heterosexual he is while he rants about transgender students.

Rightwing media has been wailing about YouTube – a private company – flagging a video from the American Principles Project (APP) that attacked transgender youth and momentarily suspending the group’s account this past weekend.

The video shows the group’s leader, Terry Schilling, getting ready for the day in the morning in his enormous house with his dozens of children.

“Being a dad is the most important job in the world,” the dad says. “We help them through the scraped knees, the stupid homework, and the breakups.”

He walks through the house and interacts with his children – stopping to dump The 1619 Project in book form in the garbage – but doesn’t do much to actually help take care of them.“Hot stuff coming through,” […]

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