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The iPhone 13 event just proves that you don’t care about 5G


Tim Cook didn’t mention 5G at all this year. When Apple held up its shiny iPhone 12 nearly a year ago, 5G was the star of the show. Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg joined Apple CEO Tim Cook during the keynote to talk about the next-generation technology, which served as the marquee feature and reason to upgrade. Even as recently as July, during its fiscal third-quarter earnings conference call, Cook said 5G was “in the very early innings” and suggested a high ceiling.

On Tuesday, Apple unveiled the iPhone 13 family of phones, from the base iPhone 13 to the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max . The company spent about 90 seconds during its 80-minute presentation talking about 5G. Get the CNET Now newsletter

The relegation of 5G from center stage to side act underscores the bumpy introduction of the next-generation wireless technology. Once heralded as a game-changer with blazing speeds, the reality for 5G has been a wildly inconsistent set of experiences depending on devices and location. The result: consumers shrugging at what the carriers had hoped would inject some enthusiasm and excitement into wireless service.

“From an Apple consumer-centric approach, there is no killer app — besides a speed […]

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