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The most exciting TVs coming in 2022: Bigger, brighter, with cool new features


Richard Peterson/CNET CES 2022 is technically still on, albeit in COVID-shortened, sparsely attended form, but the important news about new TVs is out of the bag as the annual show opens Wednesday. Most major TV-makers have introduced their biggest and best screens, talked up improved picture quality and dropped buzzwords like HDMI 2.1 , mini-LED and 8K resolution . Most will be familiar to TV shoppers, while some that are actually new, like QD-OLED , are mashups of existing terms that still require lengthy explanation.

As CNET’s resident TV reviewer, I can link you to plenty of places to read those lengthy explanations , but this article isn’t one of them. Instead you’ll find my best advice on what those new introductions mean and how, when and even if it’s worth buying a new TV. Let’s dive in. Do you need a new TV in 2022?

Unless your current TV is broken, no you don’t. But if you want a TV in another room, or your current TV feels like it’s getting long in the tooth, its screen is too small or you want better picture quality or a better smart TV system, you might want a new TV. And […]

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