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The movement to legalize marijuana is finally finding success. Gay activism helped start it.

After years of the “War on Drugs” and nearly a century of staunch anti-marijuana policies, the United States is nearing full legalization of cannabis substances in medical and recreational form. Nearly half the country now lives in states where marijuana is legal.

All of this progress builds on decades’ worth of work by committed activists, with gay activists playing an outsized role in the push for legalization.

In 2021 alone, New York, New Mexico and Virginia have passed legislation that the possession or use of recreational cannabis is legal. Legislation is advancing in Louisiana, Minnesota and Rhode Island.

Last fall, voters in conservative states South Dakota, Mississippi and Montana all approved ballot measures to loosen restrictions on cannabis.

The U.S. House of Representatives has passed a bill legalizing cannabis, and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D) has pledged to move ahead with the bill in the upper chamber, despite President Joe Biden’s (D) reluctance on the issue.

As with a lot of progressive policies, San Francisco was at the forefront of marijuana acceptance. The city’s large gay population wasn’t incidental to that cause. In many ways, it was the reason for it.The push to decriminalize marijuana possession started in the 1970s. Before his […]

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