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The New School Launches Parsons Executive Education


The new platform will teach executives to use design to develop strategy, drive transformation, and address complexity… Business success is increasingly tied to managing the complexity of a globally connected society, creating demand for executives and entrepreneurs who have developed the competencies to navigate such conditions with creative confidence. While business leaders may look to traditional executive education programs to develop their managerial skills, many of these programs still focus on subjects like linear planning and calculating return on investment. Recognizing that businesses need to have a more systems-based, integrative, and inclusive perspective, The New School’s Continuing and Professional Education (CPE) created Parsons Executive Education to train a new kind of industry leader and entrepreneur, one capable of bringing a design mindset, creative problem-solving and a social justice ethos together to challenge conventional thinking and develop bold sustainable solutions in response to a rapidly changing world.

“The idea that design as a practice and knowledge domain is a generative force for positive change in the world is central to our mission. Our programs leverage design methods and competencies as a business tool to tap into unmet customer needs and accelerate the rate of innovation with a sense of global citizenship,” […]

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