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The Next Economy Fix the Economy, Fix the Climate: A Deeper Dive Into the Win-Win of a Circular Economy

At a recent virtual event, Dame Ellen MacArthur and an esteemed lineup of business and policy leaders discussed how to push siloed circular efforts to scale. And while the unknown and upfront costs are delaying progress, MacArthur asserted: “Everybody loses if we continue with business as usual.”

Climate action pledges are in full swing as COP26 beckons this year, one of the most significant being the joint communique drawn up last week between the G7 nations. But while the focus remains on cutting emissions, those within the circular economy movement believe such an energy transition will only get us so far.

At the Ellen MacArthur Foundation ’s Summit 21 last week (watch video of the event here ), Christiana Figueres — former executive secretary for the UN Convention on Climate Change and now founding partner at Global Optimism — spoke with Dame Ellen MacArthur about how the climate movement may be blindsiding itself by overlooking the potential of circular thinking .

“We are addressing climate and emissions very much from a linear perspective,” Figueres said. “We are still caught in this linear thinking; and we haven’t closed the loop yet to figure out then, what happens?”

Figueres was instrumental in delivering the historic […]

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