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The Pentagon surprisingly decides to continue Trump’s ban on Pride flags in military

The Department of Defense says it has decided to maintain a ban on Pride flags as enacted by the Trump administration last year.

The decision, which was announced just days after the Pentagon decided to review the policies as enacted by the administration, is a surprise considering that President Joe Biden (D) pledged last year to undo the policy if he was elected.

The Biden administration and Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin have put several LGBTQ-affirming policies in place and reversed many of the other anti-LGBTQ policies in place from previous administrations.

The ban on transgender people serving in the military was reversed on Secretary Austin’s first full day in office and in Biden’s first week. The Pentagon said trans people could enlist immediately starting in February . In March, it was reported that the Pentagon would issue new rules to expand benefits and protections for trans service members.

In addition, the nominations of two LGBTQ community members to fill key positions in the Defense Department was announced just weeks ago.

So the announcement that the Defense Department won’t join other branches of the federal government, such as the State Department , in embracing Pride and allowing Pride flags, came as a surprise.John […]

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