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The Political Costs of Ted Cruz’s Cancún Vacation


The aftermath of Texas’s catastrophic deep freeze last week — which likely caused dozens of deaths, cost the state billions of dollars, and made millions of people’s existence miserable for days — may hurt Texas Republicans, who have championed the idiosyncratic electrical grid that failed so badly.

But nobody is on the hot seat more than Senator Ted Cruz, who decided to take off while his constituents were suffering. I spoke with national correspondent Gabriel Debenedetti about the fallout.

Ben: Ted Cruz’s misbegotten Cancún mini-vacation — which he took as a good portion of his state was freezing and without power or worse — prompted so much outrage that it seems like it has a good chance of sticking to him in a way that few political scandals do these days. Not that Cruz was exactly beloved before this, but do you think it will do him serious damage down the road? And if so, what would that look like for a guy who seems to love being hated?

Gabriel: It’s obviously really hard to tell right now, for a few reasons. First, as you hinted at, news moves quickly, and especially in recent years there’s been a real […]

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