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The religious right’s newest obsession

LOS ANGELES, FEB 26TH, 2017: A classic car is surrounded by extreme right religious protesters on the way to the red carpet area at the 89th Academy Award ceremony. Photo: Alex Millauer The latest episode of the LGBTQ Nation podcast has arrived and we’re talking about the religious right. They’re targeting transgender people now, but it’s the same church, just a different pew.

The religious right’s new obsession is punishing trans youth for seeking medical care. In this episode, host Alex Berg is joined by spiritual social activist, Reverend Candy Holmes, the host of the podcast Queer I Am, Lord, Xorje Olivares, and LGBTQ Nation political correspondent John Gallagher, to talk all about how we’ve seen religion used to forward these bills and other anti-LGBTQ measures.

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