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The Rise of Southeast Asia’s Digital Economy — What’s Needed to See Its Full Potential?


Fuelled by the pandemic, Southeast Asia’s digital economy is expected to flourish, but what areas of improvement can help the region meet its digital potential?

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

The pandemic caused a disruption in many areas — to the economy , supply chains and everyday life for millions of Southeast Asians. However, we can safely say that there was one silver lining: It was an incredible driving force for the digital economy .

As millions of people were forced to work, shop and live online to some extent, the region saw a surge in the popularity of online platforms and services, with Southeast Asia ‘s digital economy expected to jump 28% to $222 billion this year.

And while consumers have been quick to embrace digital solutions, governments across Southeast Asia are also working hard to develop cutting-edge policies that will further fuel the growth of this burgeoning sector.

While that sounds overwhelmingly positive, other regions are working just as hard to develop their digital economies. I believe some areas of improvement deserve our dedicated attention if we are to meet our full digital potential. Improving our digital infrastructure One of the key areas we need to focus on […]

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