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The rise of the corporate circular economy professional


“Circular economy” was the fastest rising skill among all LinkedIn users in 2019, according to GreenBiz’s State of the Profession Report . Although the circular economy’s momentum is undeniable, frankly, this finding still floors me. While nearly all jobs could “go circular” by embracing this strategic lens and adopting its principles, a new class is emerging of specific positions designed to accelerate this transition.

To better understand these roles, I asked five corporate circular economy professionals — working at big companies and with the specific words “circular economy” or “circularity” in their title — about the scope and skills needed for their work, as well as advice they would offer to anyone looking to get into the field. What do you actually do?

A primary function is to set strategy. As lead for circular economy at Google, Mike Werner said he is “responsible for the development of our company-wide circular economy strategy and achieving our mission to maximize the reuse of finite resources across our operations, products and supply chains, and enable others to do the same through the use of our technology.” At European e-commerce company Zolando, head of circularity Laura Coppen told me that she “leads the circularity […]

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