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The Role of Digital Mental Health in the Healthcare Journey

Alison Darcy, PhD, President and Founder, Woebot Health With more than 20,000 apps available to address myriad mental health challenges with varying degrees of support, it’s clear that digital mental health is experiencing a boom. But there seems to be little consensus regarding the true role that digital therapeutics can and should play within the greater context of a patient’s mental health care journey. In order to better articulate this role, we need to take a person-centered view and understand how digital therapeutics can help people not just in moments of need, but over the course of a lifetime.

The Goal of Radical Accessibility

At present, there are many multifaceted barriers to care that can prevent people from receiving the quality of care needed in order to make true progress. According to a Harvard Business Review article , nearly 40% of the United States live in areas designated by the federal government as having a shortage of mental health professionals. Over 60% of United States counties don’t have a psychiatrist within its borders.

The episodic nature of traditional in-person therapy and even first-generation digital therapeutics has led to gaps in care for not only the medically underserved, but also more […]

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