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The State of Healthcare Cybersecurity


On February 21, 2022, HIMSS published its annual cybersecurity survey [1]. This annual survey is designed to provide insight into the state of healthcare cybersecurity and includes feedback from 167 healthcare cybersecurity professionals.

The survey highlights the continuing risk to healthcare organizations. 98% of the organizations responding had experienced security incidents, with 44% of the respondents saying the security incidents were either high risk or critical risk to their organization. Of those organizations reporting incidents, 57% said their most significant security incident was related to phishing attacks.

While healthcare organizations often feel the highest risk is patient information, it was interesting that the respondents noted that financial information and employee information were more often the targets of attacks. This suggests that organizations should ensure their cybersecurity practices are enterprise-wide, not just related to medical information.

The HIMSS survey results mirror the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Internet Crime Report 2021, which included phishing and exploitation of software vulnerabilities among the top initial vectors for ransomware attacks. The FBI report also pointed out that the most common victim of a ransomware attack in 2021 was healthcare organizations [2], logging 148 reported complaints, representing 22% of all complaints received by the FBI.

Healthcare is still […]

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